“As a grandparent (who happens to be a music teacher) of a JAM student, I highly endorse the Jupiter Academy of Music.

The teachers are highly qualified talented musicians AND gifted teachers who have a passion for music and for students of all ages and levels.

There is in energy that infuses all who are a part of the JAM Family that is palpable as you walk through the door. There are so many performance opportunities and community outreach programs that excite, motivate and stretch the students.

All of this is generated, as they say, “from the top down”. Sandra Baran fulfilled a life-long dream with her music school. and is extremely respected and admired by her professional organization colleagues. The Grace Foundation is but one example of how she nurtured the sharing of God-given gifts in compassion and service.

BRAVO to all!”

— Sincerely, Mary-Jo Thum, Music Teacher and Published Composer

“Sandra Baran and her music instructors create a warm, fun environment at Jupiter Academy of Music. Ms. Baran’s passion for music shows in every aspect of J.A.M., including the lovely artwork throughout the school.”

— Donna Gephart – Children’s Author with Random House Publishing

“When I go to your recitals, and see the talent and progress that your students exhibit, I am so thankful my daughter is part of this wonderful studio …”

— Beth Clark, Managing Director of the YOUNG SINGERS of the Palm Beaches

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