Suzuki String Lessons

This program is based on the Talent Education approach of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki as defined in his book, Nurtured by Love. The parent, child and teacher form a three-way bond in creating an environment that enables the child to learn a musical instrument as he learned his native language. Mrs. Cynthia Hinkelman, the Academy’s Suzuki teacher, believes that each child is capable of wonderful possibilities and can learn to play an instrument musically and produce a beautiful sound. Playing an instrument provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment as an expression of confidence and inner beauty.

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$43 for 30 minutes

Lessons are available six days a week, and scheduled once a week.
45 minute and 1 hour lessons are also offered
($57 for 45 min and $75 for 1hr)


Mon-Sat 12pm - 8pm

We also offer additional times for Homeschool students

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