Studio Policies

Registration and Tuition Fees:

Annual registration is $50.00 per student, $60.00 per family.

Tuition payments are to be made in monthly installments (due the first lesson of each month).
Some months have 4 lessons; some months have 5 lessons.
(A month with 4 lessons at $43 for 30 minutes is $172)
(A month with 5 lessons at $43 for 30 minutes is $215)
Months with extra days off like Labor Day, President’s Day etc… will be discussed with the teacher at the beginning of that month.

Missed Lessons:

Missed lessons will be made up at the teacher’s discretion depending on time available (no more than two per year, 24-hour notice required). Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be rescheduled.

Missed lessons cannot be deducted from following months payment

Registration Fee

Registration is paid directly to the Jupiter Academy of Music via:
PayPal at 561-747-6878, or Zelle at, or check made out to Jupiter Academy of Music or JAM
(please include student and teachers name in comment section of of check or electronic payment)

Student Registration Form