Brad was born and raised in New York City.

After studying music at the State University of New York at New Paltz, he had the opportunity to tour Europe playing with a rock & roll revue. After 7 years of almost non-stop touring all over Europe, Brad decided to take up permanent residence in Switzerland where in the year 2000 he started “Brad’s Music Academy”, a small music school offering guitar and drum lessons in English and French. He kept a full time teaching schedule of more than 30 students a week in addition to playing in several live bands covering various style of music from Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country. His students ranged from 5 year old kids learning the basics of rhythm to teenagers learning rock guitar and drums, to retirees picking up a new hobby.

Brad’s teaching method is to create a fun positive atmosphere for the students to learn their instruments while still giving them a good solid base of theory and technique.

In his experience over the years, he has discovered that the more the students enjoy playing, the more they will practice. His philosophy is: “Music should be fun!”

In July 2009 he moved back to the United States with his Swiss wife and 12 year old son, to live in Palm City Florida and create a new teaching practice. Brad is really looking forward to becoming part of the local community and helping the next generation of musicians get started.

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