Brian Brennan

Brian Brennan started learning piano at age 6. Growing up in Palm Beach, he attended Bak Middle School and Dreyfoos High school of the Performing Arts, during which time he studied privately with Sarah Quincosis and Pedro Hernandez. As a “Kretzer Kid” Brian had many performance opportunities at different venues such as the Harriet Himmel in Palm Beach or the Ritz Carlton. He attended Florida Atlantic University where he studied under professor Leonid Treer. Brian also worked with professor Judith Burganger and Edward Turgeon. At FAU, Brian was able to perform during master classes with amazing pianists such as Roberta Rust of Lynn University’s conservatory of music. Brian played as a church pianist for Grace Presbyterian Church. He accompanies vocalists for performances around the Palm Beaches and enjoys teaching students of all ages and getting to see them grow as young pianists.